How it works?

The chart below highlights the main steps for the whole workflow:

This website will be the platform that you interact with us. Our cooperation starts from receiving your inquiry, and submitting inquiry can be done via our interactive questionnaire. During the step by step procedure, the system collects the required information and also provides some estimated pricing, so you will have the cost estimation even before submitting the inquiry. Please be reminded that not all prices can be estimated at this phase, the price for some services will be determined after our review.

After submitting the inquiry, you may add comment to it to provide additional information. We may also ask question or confirmation in the same manner.

We will review your inquiry and make you an offer. If you accept our offer and pay the proforma invoice we sent, we will immediately start the manufacturing procedure (or the design procedure if you need our help on designing the product).

We will finish our work efficiently and ship you the products (or working prototype for designed product).